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Dear István,
This Saturday brought me such a new experience, an experience like no other, that I cannot put it into words without making it sound like a marketing text full of empty superlatives or a pathetic novel.
The adjectives fantastic and incredible simply spring to mind.
I am completely lost on the ground of verbality in this method. Every day I try to redefine this complex experience for myself.
That’s why I’ve been putting off giving feedback until now, because I was waiting for the positive shock to settle down a bit. Since then – except for one day – I have been “practicing” every day, for an hour or more, but at least 20 minutes, and I feel that this is the beginning of a very long journey for me.
So far, I have come to the conclusion that it is the ingenuity of the method, in its simplicity, and the unverbalizable gap between the complex perception of reality on several levels that I perceive in the process, that is absolutely fascinating to me.
The full story of my injury goes back months, and dives into the intricate underbelly of the Hungarian health system, so I don’t like to think back on it now, but rather the feeling of walking on that Saturday!
One phrase kept coming back to me, “I can’t believe it!” – and then I remembered when I couldn’t use my hands properly for a while two months ago. I wasn’t walking like I had before my injury, but like I had never walked before in my life! It occurred to me, freely after the Indian saying (that after a long, fast journey you have to sit down and wait for your soul, or something like that), that I now had to walk to catch up with my soul…So I’m sure that “first Feldenkrais Saturday” will stay with me forever 😊
I am so grateful to have experienced it. Thank you! Looking forward to July 23rd!
Best regards:Hajnalka

Yesterday afternoon we witnessed another miracle in our Feldenkrais class. Marietta arrived with a limp and asked for a gentle session because her legs have been hurting for days and she could hardly stand up.
Well, at the end of the class she jumped up and said ‘Look at me!’ as she ran down the stairs.

“Yes, my dear István, I have just experienced that. I didn’t know myself how I was going to get up off the carpet. Then I walked out to Körtér. Then I watched to see if the pain returned – it didn’t.
Yes, after the class you get wings! Of course everyone is enthusiastic, full of energy and feeling good.
And of course you have to have confidence. The instructor has a huge role to play – that’s not flattery.
Feldenkrais convinced me when my late husband, who had a stroke, lifted his paralysed arm after just one session, in front of me. (The instructors came from Vienna, that’s when they started teaching the method here, and our friend took the two ladies to my husband in Uzsoki Hospital, where he lay for weeks).
And how nice that it is now possible to do this at home!
With love

2007. május 24, The Budapest Sun (pdf, 417,57 KB)

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